The Age of Artificial Intelligence EP

by Martyrs Of Necromancy

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The Age of Artificial Intelligence features 4 solid tracks filled with tech wankery, brutal death grooves, blackened riffs, and tasty slams. This EP will leave you thirsting for more Martyrs Of Necromancy.

1. The Age of Artificial Intelligence

2. Breeding Immortality (Featuring Zack Glaesar from Travesty of Mankind)

3. Misanthrope

4. Easy Meat

Martyrs Of Necromancy is:

Seancarlos Soto (Or Sean Negron)
Ariel Lopez
Daniel Paquette


released January 1, 2016

"First of all, I would like to thank my mother for her support in this band. I would also like to thank my brother his support as well. Thank you to the 5 people for purchasing a ticket in our first show back in May and thanks to The Webster for giving us that chance. Shoutout to our brothers in Tartarus, Anarchy, Inc. , Where The Corpses Fall , and Eyes of Lilith . Y'all were there since the beginning and we were honored to share the stage with such talented local acts. We're grateful for the dudes in Hateful Transgression and Jesus Wept , we will be dropping a split with them around the new years! I'd also like to thank the dudes in Lorna Shore and Internal Bleeding-Official for being such humble and down to earth dudes back in the Hartford Death Fest in July 2015. Shoutout to ESP and Ibanez. Lastly i'm shouting out my bud Philip for making it to every show and being like a brother ever since 2nd grade and of course Ariel for being a great friend and kick ass guitarist, if it wasn't for him, martyrs of necromancy wouldn't have started. Also welcome Dan from Tartarus to the Martyrs of Necromancy family. And Thank you to whoever purchased this EP, thank you for the support!

"I'm greatful for all the feed back we get from all of our supporters, buying merch, helping to fund what we do, getting involved/collaborating, and even all the advice given to us when we first formed martyrs of necromancy. Back to our first show, when it was just sean, and I, the two of us were nervous as fuck, but I mean we were welcomed like family, and just about everyone I've met in all our shows soo far I consider as my friend, I mean we don't know anything about one another, you and I, but we share the same motives, passion, eagerness, heart, and soul when it comes to music, then again maybe it's just me, but I honestly think that Sean is the brains behind Martyrs Of Necromancy, he does a great majority of the recording on his part, he books the shows, he pays for just about everything, and he's ALWAYS involved with music, every minute of every day, he's always working on something. As for me, all I do is record the guitars, occasionally bass, and lyrics, other than that, I don't do much, hence why I feel kind of below everyone in the scene, I don't even take the time to communicate with anyone who supports us, you'll never see me posting, or messaging supporters, it's fucked, but it's true. It's big talk for someone like me, but I just want to thank everyone for literally everything that you've done for us up until now, you inspire me to try a little harder, and continue when ever I see all the productive things you're all up to, and in some cases music is kind of all we got, we are the music in the underground, and we've got one another, it makes me happy, but anyway, Merry Christmas everyone, and thank you.

"Thanks to everyone who's supported Martyrs Of Necromancy along the way. Without the support of our family, friends, fans and everyone we've met along the way, this EP wouldn't have been possible. To each and every one of you who listen to us, come to our shows and follow us, you're the reason that we can make this dream of ours possible. This is just the beggining, and there's no telling where this journey will end. From the guys in Martyrs of Necromancy, thank you and slam on. - Daniel"

Art by Soul Asphyx Arts




all rights reserved


Martyrs Of Necromancy Waterbury, Connecticut

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