Clinical Mutilation Promo

by Martyrs Of Necromancy

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2016 Free 2 Track Promo:

Clinical Mutilation


released November 28, 2016



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Martyrs Of Necromancy Waterbury, Connecticut

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Track Name: Clinical Mutilation
Beaten and strangled until unconscious
Laid to rest on the examination bed
Cut open the head, detach the brain
Sliced to pieces, I begin to examinate

Separating the eyes from their sockets
It's time to see what dwells within this disgusting piece of human flesh
Surgically remove the head from the body
Virulently sawed in half

Removing limbs, cauterized with a flamethrower. Extracting plasma,
Seperating the corpuscles and fat globules from the blood. Replacing it with pig piss. Watching the results unfold.
I insert my knife into the heart, severing the atria and ventricles. Stopping the rhythmic contraction and dilation.
Attaching a defibrillator, zapping the heart and watching it explode.

Injecting swine infected semen into the genitalia,
Gushing blood to provoke erection
Lacerating the shaft and ball sack,
Precipitating ejaculation
Track Name: Necro-Fornication
Skinned after death
Flesh torn to reach the bone
Mutilated, with no evidence left behind
A dismembered body is always the easiest to hide

Her phantom moaning and screaming is deafening.
As I continuously ravage the vaginal cavity. Pinching the clitorus
Necro- kama sutra. Fisting fucking her elbow deep. Tearing out gelatinous, coagulated viscera and fucking her small intestine.

Blood drips down her lips as I penetrate her cum filled mouth
Her, still warm saliva, lubricates my vascular, penile erection.
Throbbing inside her pungent, dead cunt hole. Her filthy rectum, caked with shit, applies tightness just right.

As I finish ejaculating, I slice open her neck
Tearing her apart slowly, a stab wound to the chest
Placing her chopped off fingers inside her torn vaginal lips
Severing what's left of her body
Sexually sedated lifeless whore